Business Information Systems Report

International trade - specialization

Introduction and aims/objectives

The purpose of the report is to provide a clear and precise overview of the role of Information systems plays in the business environment and its’ impact on organisational management decision making. From a managerial viewpoint the report clearly outlines the following:

  • The different hardware and software components of a business information system.
  • The transformation process from data to information of high quality.
  • The different level of decisions that managers make and how they affect the organisation.
  • The importance of managing information and knowledge as a key organisational asset.
  • The different types of information systems and why managers embrace them
  • The benefits of information systems.

Basic Concepts

An information system is a combination of information technology and people activities using that technology to support the activities of the organisation. Systems can be complex and made up of smaller systems called subsystems.

These subsystems support the larger overall objective of producing information. An information system accepts the information, then processes it according to a predefined set of instructions and then produces the results based on its’ work.

Information systems consist of five basic resources:

  • People
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Communications
  • Data

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