SSL Security Lock Certificate

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Secure wordpress website
  • SSLSecurity /Sockets Layer, is technology that encrypts the connection between a user’s browser application and the server they are connecting to.  This adds an additional security layer to your wordpress website.
  • A website secured with SSL is indicated by a padlock sign in the URL‘s address bar.
  • This ensures that your website is more trustworthy, particularly when you are running an online store and processing sensitive payment information.
  • Digital certificates provide the assurance to customers that the company they are dealing with are legitimate.

Information for Business Owners

  • The business owner will need to liaise closely with it’s service provider to ensure that there is a high speed internet connection: actual speed will be constrained by location , but fastest available fibre optic cable broadband is desirable.
  • The system will display high performance standards, including fast operating speed and excellent reliability and security.
  • He/she must ensure that an up to date and virus software and firewall is installed to protect the system from viruses, malware and hackers and must support multiple PC’s and other connected devices.
  • Ensure that your new website works flawlessly on internet browsers available on platforms such as Windows Phone, Android and other iOS devices.

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