WordPress Website Design and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and website design
  • Digital marketing brings a huge amount of strength to the marketing mix because it is a low cost medium, can be qualitative and quantitative data driven leading to high levels of the .
  • There is direct communications with the target audience (consumers) through email, blog and social media sharing channels and website.
  • As a business you can create relevant and engaging content for your target audience and this allows you to build a relationship with them. 
  • Selecting an advertising medium to carry a message becomes more difficult as channels of communication become more fragmented, so as a  marketer you have to test, optimise and test again.
  • You are constantly experimenting with the different digital marketing tools and can learn what is and is not working for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

  •  A search query consists of a word or phrase, presented by a user to the search engine to let the search engine know the information that is required.

  • The search engine then attempts to match the search query with the information stored in the index.

  • To ensure that people find your site your job is to match the keywords in your content with users search terms.

  • It is also important to note to write content for your audience and not for search engines and to continually generate new, unique and quality user generated content to help with search engine visibility.

  • This provides even greater opportunity for people and search engines to find and see this content because they see it as authentic.