Social media

  • If your business is not using  social media platforms to drive awareness and promote what you are doing on a daily basis then it is time to get started.
  • Social media has become possible through the concept of user generated content such as videos, blogs, posts etc that is created or posted by consumers that is publicly available to other consumers.
  • Think of your customers as marketers- brand ambassadors.
  • Traditionally marketers spent 60% of their advertising budgets on marketing media.  Digital channels reverse this economics focusing on a small group of engaged people who share information with the larger audience and post positive impressions with word of mouth communications.
  • It plays heavily on the good old trusted method of word of mouth communications except now it being done on the Internet.
  • Unlike traditional marketing communications channels such as TV, and radio advertising, direct marketing, media marketing channels are are relatively cheap. For example, a TV campaign can cost thousands of euros whereas a video on u-tube can create a huge amount of publicity for a fraction of the cost.
  • By leveraging the power of social media marketing people are in effect marketing your website or brand for you.
  • Whether you are active or not, customers still talk about you online and as a business your are far better off of being active and aware of conversations than not knowing – treat the feedback as intelligence and learn from it.

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