WordPress Glossery


This is the series of articles that show users how to use WordPress. WordPress users contribute documentation to the codex voluntarily. Website resources: https://codex.wordpress.org/

Front end of Website

This is what your visitors see and interact with when they come to your website. It is the domain name: www.digitalstart.ie.

Backend of Website

The back end is the area that authorized users can sign into to add, remove and modify content on the website. This may also be referred to as “WordPress”, “admin” or “the administration area”.


In WordPress, this is the main administration screen for a website/blog or for a network of sites. It summarizes information about the site or network.


This provides access the control features of your wordpress installation. Each administration screen is presented in sections, the toolbar and header, the main navigation, the work area and the footer area of the site.

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Author: John Hartnett

My name is John Hartnett. I am a Substitute Teacher in Business in the post primary vocational education sector.