Gallery the Blarneystone

The Blarney Stone Guesthouse

Western Road Cork

Reviews and Recommendations

  • Reviews and Recommendations from people play an integral part in  the consumer  decision making process.
  • A good review by an influential blogger or a comment made by social networking influencer appeals to the consumer audience can be much more valuable than thousands of euros in advertising.
  • For example, trip advisor is used as an information source for millions of travellers across the globe for hotel/bed and breakfast accommodation information.  They see it as a credible and trustworthy site.
  • The most read section of Virgin Atlantic Airway‘s facebook page is the tips from travel  crew members– communications that comes across as honest and caring.
  • A customer who has liked you on facebook, follows you on twitter and contributes to your company blog is half way there  to being brand loyal to your business.

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