Digital Marketing Plan

For to proceed forward with a digital marketing plan for your business’s product/service , I will need to re-evaluate your business’s operations as it exists presently by:

  • Analysing  your market.
  • Clarifying with me your  objectives.
  • Developing the strategy for the business.
  • Measuring and improving.

Digital marketing tools

  • The RACE (Plan, Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) model is a digital marketing planning framework/tool to help structure, manage and improve your business’s results from your digital marketing activities.
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      The RACE          model is a         digital          marketing planning framework to help improve your business’s ROI
  • Each part of the RACE model covers five essential digital  marketing techniques and each one of  the steps teaches you the best practices and how you you can apply them  to increase your ROI (Return in Investment).
  • Where the business  is presently – a digital audit (marketing mix strategy) and an analyses of it’s existing competitors.
  • A SWOT analyses  can be used to address the company’s situation and explore all digital marketing opportunities going forward as a business.
  • Digital marketing activities will focus on building awareness both offline and online through lead generation using social media channels, growing and engaging the online community.
  • The website is the most important component of the digital marketing strategy.  The better the company’s marketing, the more visible it’s website is.
  • It will be simple, well thought out and highly functional: the tagline, logo etc. must all reflect the brand imagery of the digital marketing service.
  • It must be up to date, seo friendly and mobile responsive.
  • Having the right domain name is essential. Your domain name is how your visitors find your website.
  • It appears on your print and marketing materials and it’s also shared both online and offline as your brand recognition increases.